From the start Jaka, or United Democratic Alliance of Jaka, was miss managed club. Having some good ideas it chose it members poorly to run main operations.

  Making money was one of the original intentions when the club was formed.  Selling candy and jewelry was things that members participated in, later on we got real jobs.  Some members made it a habit of ripping off the club or other members. they were so called friends. Six original friends made up the club, and some of their friends messed it up.


The word Jaka was a made up word with no significant meaning, because Jaka meant nothing, in a dictionary other names was added as a joke. The (URC) United Republic of Chronicity was formed. United it wasn't, republic, not possible. 

The Chronicity motto "Live life to the fullest and don't take any of this seriously."  The definition of Chronicity is "A chronic incurable habit."


Because of the name Chronicity having a dictionary definition of     "A chronic incurable habit." We as a club  went looking for a new name using some Spanish.


For a while the name  El Grupo De Chronicity (EGDC) was kicked around as an idea, even using Canada, US & Mexican flags merged for a new logo. This was kicked to the curb as well.  


was kicked around as an idea,  flags merged for a new logo. This was kicked to the curb as well.  

 In the word Chronicity changing 2 of the letters starting with the "ni" changing it to "ma" made the word Chromacity. the dictionary definition is  "the saturation of colors". Jaka, URC & EGDC still kind of exist but now its all called Chromacity. We are still a combination of a lot of different ideas and friends. 

The Jaka members first used Einahpets as a section within the club became what is now Mars.  A lot of people have had a fascination with the red planet Mars. Its  assumed that is why Mars has the most members.


 Aras originally was separate and became what now is Venus. Aras in Mars is made up of different people. Ellehcim the 3rd section became Uranus.

  There is still an interest to make money and pool our resources together and use the new ideas.  Bartering is one way to trade and get the things you want. Online sales of services is a booming business, even if Web Van died as a failure.  The idea is still a valid  possibility. The idea that might even work for someone else. It's not known if the business was a bad one or if the employees, or management were to blame.  Web business are starting every day. We here are working on some and the plan is to use the members of Chromacity to help make it happen.  Future information will be posted here as we make them public.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune members are all from the Chronicity or El Grupo De Chronicity. 



Other original Chronicity members are now apart of Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Earth.



Pluto Base on the other hand isn't really a part of Chromacity at all. they are listed here on this web site, as members to the club, but run their own affairs to the activities & functions that occur each day.


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