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  Our members heritage: And our friens to the South

Our friend to the northWelcome to.... 


Chromacity is a club of friends and associates. Our hope for the future is to become more profitable in life, love, and business. We are constantly expanding in our club to express the things that our membership wants and has to offer. Our members come from many different walks of life. And we are proud of the mix of things we are sharing with others.  We hope you take the time to look around, we are constantly updating our site and club. We welcome new ideas and look forward to working on making this site more exciting for not only our members but those who stop and visit. Mostly for amusement Chromacity is divided into separate groups. Each group is  listed in different division's (Mostly named after Planets). Mars, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, and Earth. Leaving room to grow, we have included the option to have Star Bases. Each planet's name is a separate division of Chromacity. Each division has sections to it devoted to specific interests, goals and ideas. Although the sections of the club seem separate, all try to help each other.

We will never list your last name just an your initial on our site.

We won't give out your current or new e-mail address unless you have no objections.


Membership's are given out by the leaders of each division and last for as long as anyone wants to be included. Membership Request:  E-mail us,  tell us about yourself, and who you know that has a membership, and if you want a free membership. If its confirmed that a member of the club knows you, you will also get a Rank, see the information page. We can also add a web page for you, or link our site to yours.

Chromacity got its start as Chronicity, a combination of a lot of different ideas and friends. The Ranking system is based on Star Trek and The US Navy. In short the Navy only has 5 admirals. We had more people who wanted the high ranks, and made it up as we went along. Oh and sometimes its just fun to be different...


A lot of Time has been spent on development of this web site. Ideas for each page has taken a lot of thought and it is hoped that you find it interesting and maybe useful to you. Members of the club are aloud to leave messages here as long as they are within the bylaws.

Send to

Please e-mail if a link miss functions. Or if you get a page that has bad grammar or miss spelled words.

Chromacity is up to 73 members and growing.


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Chromacity Home Page


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