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  1. Hi welcome to the Adnama Page of  Mars Base. Swimming is our main interest, and any sport that associates with Water Sports. While we have not listed much here Our group has fun off-line and no current interest in maintaining this page exists. Sorry.
  2. To all Mars members we will now allow links or actual homepages added to this site. As a way to better improve relations among our members & the future members that will choose to become new members.
  3. We look forward to adding new members to the Mars base clan as well as to add them as new entirely different divisions.Mars Base division Adnama is a combination of a lot of different ideas and friends.  
  4. motto "Live life to the fullest and don't take any of this seriously." 
  5. To Add other things to this site write to we will try to upload it as fast as possible. Of course no one is getting paid here.


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