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Welcome to the PlutoBase.com.   We here hope you have fun with our web site and know that we are always looking to add ideas & links to the places that you want us to be linked to. So Rachel, Jess, Kim, whoever at Girl Power 5072 you can e-mail us and have it uploaded or linked.

We here at Chromacity are trying to make these pages more the way you the members want them.  From time to time questions have been asked of members as well as non-members as to the content of the page.  As we get the new ideas they have been added.  Not a lot has been deleted but for more information or links send it to us at  memberships@chromacity.org  an we will try to add it as soon as possible.

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Hey Girl Power members looking for some Ideas for this summer, or have some, list them here.  


To Add other things to this site write to Memberhsips@Chromacity.org we will try to upload it as fast as possible.



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