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Welcome to a crazy place!

Chromacity is a club  working and building on  commonalities that people have. Our members come from many different walks of life. And we are proud of the mix of things we are sharing with others.  Take the time to look around, at this site, posting for our club. We welcome new ideas and look forward to working on making this site more exciting for not only our members but those who stop and visit.

Welcome to PlutoBase.com  This is a division  of Chromacity. This a club consisting of all friends who get together weekly, and have fun. Membership's are free if someone wants one. Chromacity has added New sections to Pluto. Always have lots of fun! Enjoy what ever it is that you do at work, at play, at friends, at family, and at your hobbies!!!

Membership's are given out by the leaders of each division and last for as long as anyone wants to be included.

 Tip No. 10: "A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."
               -- Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Laureate and civil right activist, 1929-1968


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Welcome to....

Chromacity.org -----> PLUTO BASE DIVISION

Oh No not SpongeBob, this cartoon is a child's cartoon. Rent a video and realize that there is a lot of adult comedy to his jokes. I think kids miss some of his slang remarks as just rudeness, and it is.






Occupation: Fry cook at the Krusty Krab

Sponge Bob Square Pants
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Sponge Bob Square Pants is absorbent and porous and yellow. Sponge Bob is a sweet, generous, friendly, trusting good guy.  His buck-toothed grin and tremendously expressive face and body, along with his pure and good nature make him completely loveable.  Sponge Bob's innocent and good intentions never let him do anything purposely wrong or harm anyone.  His boss Mr. Krabs & next door neighbor Squidward seem to be the brunt of his misadventures.  He is the fry cook at the Krusty Krab working alongside Squidward.  His free time is spent with his buddy Patrick, his friend Sandy and his pet snail Gary.  He especially enjoys catching jelly fish at jellyfish fields.  When his pineapple home is destroyed by nematodes, a single Sponge Bob tear magically recreates his home from a tiny seed in just a few

Name: Patrick Star
Occupation: Doing nothing

Patrick Star
Patrick is Sponge Bob's closet friend, a plump, pink well meaning but clueless starfish.  Patrick lives under a rock 2 doors down from Sponge Bob. Patrick is quite gullible and shares in many of Sponge Bob's adventures.  His loyalty and friendship to Sponge Bob is unequaled and a better friend than Patrick can't be found.  Sponge Bob's sidekick and buddy = Patrick.

Name: Sandy Cheeks
Occupation: Athlete?

Sandy Cheeks
Sandy is a great friend of Sponge Bob.  She is a ground squirrel from Texas who lives in a Tree Dome under the sea, which is complete with a Texas size tree, grass and picnic table.  Sandy is good at everything she does, from karate to weight lifting to throwing anchors.  She has quite a competitive nature and an occasional bout of homesickness doesn't keep her down.  Sandy is also prone to brief bad moods - especially when she does not get enough sleep.  Outside her dome she wears an air-filled suit and gets around quite well with the other residents of Bikini Bottom.


Name: Gary
Occupation: Super Genius/Pet

Gary is Sponge Bob's loyal pet snail who meows like a cat.  Gary may actually be much more intelligent than your ordinary garden variety snail (or was that just a dream?).  When he is properly fed and has enough snail plasma, Gary can be quite playful.  Gary is the cuddliest when you have a cookie in your pocket.  Gary is a natural musician with an amazing sense of rhythm - he keeps a swarm of wild dancing jelly fish bouncing to the beat

Name: Squidward Tentacles

Cashier at Krusty Krab Resturant

Squidward Tentacles
Squidward lives next door to Sponge Bob and plays a "mean" clarinet. He is the cashier at the Krusty Krab Restaurant.  Sponge Bob and Patrick always encourage Squidward to participate in their games, but this only annoys him.  While seemingly the eternal pessimist, he tries to have fun but does not ever get the hang of it.  When under extreme pressure, he's admitted to liking Sponge Bob!  Squidward is really a good guy with a good heart, despite what he apparently wants us to believe

Name: Eugene H. Krabs
Occupation: Owner of Krusty Krab Restaurant

Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs is Sponge Bob's boss and the owner of the Krusty Krab.  Mr. Krabs loves money, money, money and is glad to have the hard working, low pay, Krabby Patty flipping Sponge Bob as the "Employee of the Month" (every month)!  While he sometimes doesn't show it, he really loves the lad.  Mr. Krabs has a daughter Pearl (a whale) and regularly participates in Sponge Bob's misadventures, especially when it comes to treasure and work stoppages


Name: Jellyfish
Occupation: Making jelly

Jellyfish live in Jellyfish field.  They playfully allow themselves to be caught (jelly fishing) by Sponge Bob and Patrick while other times they playfully sting them.  They are in tune with nature and have great rhythm.  They are a constant presence in Bikini Bottom.  They also allow Sponge Bob to squirt out jelly fish jelly which is especially tasty.  While most others dare not trespass in Jellyfish Fields, Sponge Bob loves them all

Name: Plankton
Occupation: Owner of Chum Bucket Restaurant

Plankton is the owner of Chum Bucket Restaurant, across the road from the Krusty Krab.  Plankton is a good natured bad-guy, trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe from Mr. Krabs.  He is also interested in world domination.  Through various devices and dastardly means, he tries to get the Krabby Patty recipe (he even tried being nice!), but to no avail, Sponge Bob triumphs and the secret recipe is safe.

Name: Bubble Bass
Occupation: A no-good person.

Bubble Bass He's only been in a few episodes, but he's mean, nasty, and an all-around hated character.

Name: Larry T. Lobster
Occupation: Lifeguard


A strong muscular lobster who spends all his time at the beach. He's popular with the ladies and he's always lifting weights.

The Planet 




Communication Strategies

If a person is to influence colleagues, he or she must be able to quickly and accurately recognize each of the four primary temperament styles -- aggressive, expressive, passive or analytical -- and adapt accordingly.
    Each requires a different tactic and communication plan.
    We here will review strategies to help you improve interactions with friends, colleagues and family. Today we'll work on connecting with those who are Expressive and Emotional Talkers.
People Oriented
    Expressive, Emotional Talker communicators are people oriented. They ask "who" questions.
Talkers value recognition and fear loss of prestige.
    When presenting to this buying style use these words: fun, entertaining, creative, friendly, simple, and incredible.
    Other good words to use with talkers include: exclusive, improved, prestige, new, ultimate, spontaneous, exciting, enjoyable, cash, and adventure.
    --Source: John
Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynotes and seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions. John is a nationally recognized sales trainer and business motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry.



Memberships are Free! 

For as long as you wish to be a member of Chromacity its free!

Ranks: Ensign to Chief Admiral memberships include: (see: Ranks page)

  1. Yourname@Chromacity.net
  2. Space for your home page
  3. Listing on your favorite division / planet.  


Tip No. 12: "You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people's maps
   will be the same."
        -- Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune columnist, author of comic strip Brenda


  Tip No. 218: "All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They."
               -- Rudyard
Kipling, British author and poet, 1865-1



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